BLUE (2014)

Blue is a series of self-portraits reflecting on the experience of fear as if it were a physical space. By stepping into this space, exploring it and engaging with it, I begin to understand it. With time and familiarity it becomes a safe space as I integrate myself with it. Like a metamorphosis, it’s a process that brings you out on the other side.


The images are ways of tracing this process of merging with my personal fears and allowing myself to be immersed in them. The series tries to answer the question of whether fear and peace are opposites, or if it’s possible that they complement each other? The color blue is used to represent fear, but it also stands for the serenity we may find when we approach the realm of fear instead of avoiding it.


The series was exhibited at Nord Art festival in Germany (2015). One of the images was selected as the official poster for Mooov film festival in Belgium (2015)