Depleted is a series about making something out of nothing. It explores the struggles of wanting to create but feeling held back and stuck in a creative block.


A familiar feeling for many artists, pushing through a state of depletion. We try and try but most of our trials end up highlighting the conflict of our emptiness versus the urge to create something. The series is a playful attempt at finding new forms of expression, equipped with only three elements; my own body, a white board, and a black sheet of paper. Using a minimal color palette of black and white emulates the gesture of making a black mark on a white page or canvas, as one might do to start writing or drawing something.


Relationships between these elements arise, creating a subject, some kind of flow, while also exuding a sense of entrapment and limitation.

IMG_5805 copy.jpg

This series was exhibited at The 26th Youth Salon in Cairo (2015).