Nothingness is a series that pursues visual silence, while meditating on the notion of absence versus presence.


I was seeking empty spaces that were void of human presence, at least inside the frame. Most of these moments were transient, hidden within the ongoing busy beat of life. They are an attempt to visually escape to somewhere with no tension, rush, anger or stress, no crowd or hassle. A refuge from enforced feelings. I wanted to catch a glimpse of nothingness.


Compiling these moments allowed me to probe this ‘nothingness’ and what’s beyond it. It makes me think of the spaces within myself, the ones I seek to carve out and the ones I want to fill up. I consider the lack of personal space in the city, or how the city can penetrate one’s space. People are constantly immersed in activity, moving from one place to another. Their flow affects the energy of the spaces they encounter, their presence lingers whether intentionally or not. The space also makes its mark on them, and there’s always an ongoing invisible exchange.